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At Learning Solutions Utah we take learning problems and turn them into learning solutions! Build intelligence with our proven program - gain a faster brain, stronger memory, suporior attention skills, and more. Use it. Keep it forever.

Dyslexia is Correctable

Dyslexia is a developmental processing disorder. With dyslexia, a part of the brain is not developed enough to handle the load of reading and spelling to standard. The good news is, processing deficiencies can now be improved. Read More. Learning Solutions of Utah first identifies that part of the brain that is weak and then through the right exercises, with enough intensity, and lots of repetition that undeveloped part of the brain is trained to work properly. When the development deficiency is improved, dyslexia disappears. It is no longer a problem. The solution is a life-long benefit. More on dyslexia.

Beat the Real Math Problem

Students with ongoing math problems frequently have some form of a processing problem. And no amount of tutoring, rewarding or punishing will help. When you identify the processing issue, it can be permanently corrected, thus the math problems disappear. Read More. Learning Solutions of Utah uses a neurological development approach to math tutoring. Our program, Master Math can fix these underlying math learning problems for life, and do it in a relatively short time. More on math problems.

Permenant Solutions to ADD/ADHD

Parents often assume that medication alone will solve their child's ADD or ADHD. However, meds have side effects and are temporary solutions unless taken for life. Why not correct the problem permanently? Read More. Those with ADD/ADHD have auditory and memory processing disorders and these cannot be solved with medication alone. Learning Solutions of Utah offers parents a better way to solve their student's attention learning problem. We offer a complete ADHD tutoring program, starting with ADHD tests. Through our learning techniques, in a short time, your child will learn to stay on task, work through distractions, and control body and mind. More on ADD or ADHD.

Your Weak Reader Can Jump Grade Levels

Students with reading and spelling problems frequently have one or more processing problems blocking their progress. Identifying the processing problems will answer why a student doesn't catch on to reading, why lines are skipped, why letters and words are reversed, why reading is slow and choppy, and why comprehension is weak. Read More. The good news is that Learning Solutions of Utah's Skill Building Reading system is a neurological development approach to language arts problems. The brain's ability to read and spell can be greatly improved. With a few weeks of training and practice, your child will soon be reading and spelling at higher levels than peers. Don't let your child be a statistic, give them the edge they need to succeed in life. More on reading and spelling.

Eliminate the Need for Tutors

Tutoring does not work when a student has processing problems, such as dyslexia or ADHD. Tutoring does not correct the underlying cause of why the student fell behind peers in the first place. Read More. Reading tutors working with students with processing deficiencies achieve only temporary results. Regular tutors do not know how to work on processing speed, working memory, visual and auditory processing and other cognitive skills which are essential to academic success. Correcting underlying processing problems such as dyslexia and ADHD eliminates the need for long-term and expensive tutors. More on dyslexia.